Using Analytics to Improve Ease of Use

Numbers in have a lot of different meanings in regards to a business. They are the bottom line, what people strive for, and drive programmers to succeed. Having the ability to find out which pages our users visit the most help  us at My Job Ready discover the best way to improve ease of use for their customers. For example, in the month of March, the majority of visits on My Job Ready were on our schedule and job files pages. Tracking the visitors flow allowed us to see the logical progression of our average user. The majority of our users went from schedule to either the jobs page or directly into a job file. Then the same user went back to the schedule to repeat this process. As a developer it is my goal to promote ease of use and improve the user’s experience on the website.


The month of March, My Job Ready page view statistics.

The image shows the number of unique page views a page has received in the month of March as well as the percentage to the overall total.  The first three results are schedule, job files and login pages.  The overall goal for us is to make the pages that are viewed the most, the easiest to use. With these numbers, we decided to make our initial improvements to the pages our users visit the most and hopefully reduce their total amount of clicks on the site.

In version 2.01, we examined how each user type views the schedule and the job files and worked a proper way to help each one. Supervisors and customers now received their own unique schedule view.  This allows a supervisor to visit the website and never have to navigate off the page to close, put on hold, and walk houses.  A customer can now log into our website and see all the tasks in a job in their name and has the ability to add comments to the task. Subcontractors, Vendors, and Crew now do not have to access the job file to close or soft close their task. This cuts their clicks in half! All they have to do now is log in, view the schedule, and close each task as they complete them.

This is just one of the countless amounts of changes we implemented in the current version that one of our customers suggested. Having the ability to understand the numbers, and listening to the people helps us discern what direction we are headed and what we want to add to the website in future versions.  What would you like to see on My Job Ready? I am always available for your comments, email, and chat messages.

Finally, we will be working on our first newsletter this week, so expect that in your mailbox soon.  We have a lot of cool and interesting modules we will be adding to the system over the next several weeks, including a counter for your templates in job files so you can keep up to see if your template is on time with the initial completion date to track days behind, geo tagging support for photos and some new ways to organize and sort a schedule.  Have a great weekend!

Clifton Sweeney
Senior Developer
My Job Ready

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