Site Updates and Improvements for the week of 2013-04-15

Our developers are hard at work this week to continue to provide usability improvements and new features for our customers.  Here is a preview of what is going on inside the busy My Job Ready offices this week:

2.02 New Features

  • - PDF's are now available for all your job files. On the Jobs page where all your files are stored, on the far right of the table clicking 'View PDF' will open a PDF of that specific job file in a new window.

2.02 Bug Fixes

  • - The tabs inside Issues (QC Issues, Unbalanced Masters, and Flagged Walks) should now display correctly.
  • - Fixed POs pointing to the wrong directory.

2.02 Improvements

  • - You will now be notified who sends you an email through our chat system. The formatting of the email was changed to improve readability.
  • - Split the Master's Take-offs page on the navigation menu into two tables, one for base plans and one for add ons. The search functionally searched both tables.
  • - Merged Companies from the navigation menu into Relationships. Now both are viewable on this page with tabs. Companies will be leaving the top bar soon for a new feature!

We will continue to work hard for you and bring you the best content and new features to make your experience with our software as robust and easy as possible.

Clifton Sweeney
Senior Developer
My Job Ready

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